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Four Seasons in a Small Box narrates the suggestion of the pandemic era, it contains 5 tracks composed in a surreal year in which the entire world was forced inside their homes and confronting themselves.
Isolation and the situation of being in the quietness of our homes brought us to reflect on our lives, between moments of inner search and fears, sometimes logical and other times illogical.

The five tracks of the EP narrate the quietness, fear and insanity almost chronologically, until the catharsis and the rebirth.

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Everything, from composition to production, was homemade, almost entirely performed by Moscato, who also handled the arrangements, and recorded using the instruments of his home studio, while Erica Noventa was given the mixing and mastering tasks.
An inner journey, an open window on a world that for an entire year had only been remembered, imagined, sometimes feared and loved.
The main instrument of this production is the electric piano, while the bass, played by Alessandro Accardi, gives the tracks incredible depth and richness.

The drums were sampled and reprocessed in an original way which started with some tracks recorded by Giuseppe Mongi. The ever-present accordion provides an acoustic and terrestrial element in contrast with the synths and mallets building dreamlike and complex sound textures.
The guitar is present only in the fourth track for a touch of color. The melodies, very rich and central, as always, are handled by the vocals which still sing phonemes, once again to let these suggestions become inspirations for the imaginary words created in anyone’s mind, starting from the listener’s sensitivity. The cover art is an homage to Orson Welles and his “War of the Worlds” released on the 30th of October 1938.